Construction Planning and Reporting

Webforum Professional for Project Planning and Reporting

Webforum is a new type of collaboration platform for clients, asset owners, contractors and the whole team on projects.

A complete Project Dashboard

A platform giving more than information management. Not just one single source of the truth but team collaboration on quality time, costs, risks and progress. Now for the first time, all you need is in one place and in one application.

Visibility and Control on your projects

Strong Planning and Reporting features can be made available to provide lead subcontractors and clients involved in engineering and construction with everything in one place track progress and resource costs.

Project Office view by phase

Project office view by phase

Monitor all projects at a higher level or focus on specific activities at a detail level.

A central place to manage all projects

Progress can be monitored by time and project phase including time and cost forecast, budgeted and spent. Collect staff or contractor time sheets online, run reports and see all projects in one view.

Project budgets by baseline and phase

Project budgets vs baseline by activity or phase

Manage project plans, resources and risks:

  • Project activities can be set up with dates and dependencies. Resources assigned and the original documents linked directly in context. Allocate and balance labour.
  • Import client schedules from MS Project and other tools via XML and set up new projects directly from existing projects or pre-defined templates.
  • Create risk analysis, mitigation and manage by project phase.


Flexible Reports for Clients

Build essential management information reports using the flexible reporting tool. Export data to spreadsheets for further presentation and analysis to clients or construction management. An Ideal solution to produce client monthly reporting.

Product Sheet Image 4b

Manage Costs, Data and Reports

Staff and Subcontractors can submit time sheets and create invoice data based on the data input. Track labour costs against project activities. Run dynamic reports on actual versus budget and EV reports for financial reporting.

Time reporting for staff or subcontractors

Time Reporting Entry screen

Enter Time reports via your mobile:

Mobile time sheet entry via HTML5

HTML5 mobile time sheet client

Flexible reporting Business Intelligence (BI) cube

This can be used to create exactly the reports you need.

Business Intelligence Reporting cube

BI Reporting cube


More information on Webforum

To see how Webforum Project Planning can help you with your engineering and construction project and reporting needs or to arrange an online demo, please contact us.


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