Construction Issues and Snags





Webforum Teamwork for Construction Projects

Webforum improves efficiency, cuts costs, speeds up hand over and improves teamwork.

A new Type of Engineering and Construction App

Webforum is a successful Swedish software now being introduced to the international construction and engineering markets. It manages issues on desktop and mobile and improves project communication via a project specific website and social media type forums.

Collaborate on Issues from Anywhere

Manage tasks and issues from in-field as well as site office. Assign and track tasks to completion.  Access information as well as capturing snags in-field.  Works on any sort of mobile phone or tablet.

Issue On Mobile_Screen 2

 Use your personalized dashboard

View News, My Activities, My Recent Documents.  A daily view of what you need to focus on.  Highly flexible security roles.

Start Screen_Screen 1

Manage RFIs with secure audit trail

Set up your RFI template, link to drawings, ensure timely close out of RFIs. Secure audit trail of all RFI actions and timing.

RFI Example_Screen 1

Your Own project website keeps the entire project team up to date

Distributing project information by email is dated.

Build your own branded site with:

  • News
  • Events
  • Safety information

Web pages News Example_ Screen 1

Find Solutions via Social Media Type Forums

Access the knowledge of your colleagues. Find Previous Solutions to your Problem.

Stop Re-Inventing the Wheel.

Forum Example_Screen 1

More information on Webforum

To see how Webforum can help you with your issue management and project communication or to arrange an online demo, please contact us


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