Issues / Actions and Communication

Issues and Actions mean different things to different people and in different industries. In certain industries there are well established protocols around handing of issues, for example defects and bugs in IT projects and Snag lists in construction.

For many other industries similar concepts exist when something is not working correctly or a problem is raised then it needs to be resolved by different individuals or information provided.

So, whether something needs to get fixed, or an answer to a query obtained from someone or even just a meeting action assigned then Webforum can be used to move forward these items within your team as well as easily with external parties who are cooperating with you.

Here are some common examples:

Meeting Actions

How often are meetings help, minutes taken and actions noted down against individuals and just emailed out. Where’s the follow up with this approach? What if these actions could be easily captured and then raised directly as items in a centrally stored online location and assigned directly to individuals remaining with them until they complete the action or move forward with someone else? At the same time there is an audit trail of supporting information and the ability to track progress.

Questions and Answers

Query logs can be raised as individual items that can then be assigned to individuals to answer and to attach supporting comments or information. These can be exported for reference and additional categories added.

Industry Specific issues

For more information on how Webforum can be configured for Engineering and construction Snags, RFIs and other types of issues, please see the following page.