Document Management

The image of document management has traditionally been of vast libraries or archives of documents organised in a very rigid catalog. Often not seen relevant to projects or common office functions.


In reality though in the digital age some small steps with the help of supporting technology can make a significant improvement to the common free-for-all in storing documents in folders.

Reviews and Approvals

Most projects have documents that need review by different project team members and stakeholders. They may also need approvals changing them to major versions to be released. Webforum provides an easy to use function for review and approve documents and to retain an audit log of these actions alongside comments as well as the ability to search on documents part of these cycles.

Metadata for tagging and indexing

The most frustrating and time-consuming aspect of working with documents is finding the document you need. The names of documents can often be unhelpful and folders even if shared centrally may not follow a set standard.

Webforum adds a more powerful way of overcoming this by allowing individual Document Types to be set up for each of the common document groups you use and within these types you can define a list of required or optional attributes.

For example you could have contracts set up with company name, status, renewal date allowing you to quickly locate the document with a filter or even to navigate by or export a full list of contracts in the system.

Gaining control of you Documents

Webforum allows you to control and build up from simple to complex as your needs evolve or the number and diversity of documents increases.

Here are some further examples:

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