Key benefits


Controlled projects and audit trail

Using Webforum gives an organisation the ability to control and have an audit trail of how a project is managed and crucially how the project information is both accessed and maintained. The solution has strong information management and project control features available in a cloud-based solution.

Such features were typically only available to the largest organisations spread over one or more inflexible hosted platforms. Webforum provides a single integrated solution.

Safe and Secure

Webforum is a safe and secure choice. Webforum first established an online service in 1997 and has over 700 corporate customers and 50,000 users in 20 countries. To ensure that our customers are satisfied, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Webforum provides a very high level of service. The operation is ISO certified and the service has been reviewed and approved by external security experts.

Enterprise Class Collaboration

While there are many file-sharing and project organisational tools available in the market these are primarily focused on the individual user and not to the needs of a company or organisation. Many IT departments are often not aware such tools are being used and would not sanction their use.

Webforum provides a solution that can make collaboration effective and also address the needs of information managers and IT directors within an organisation, including:

  • Giving IT control and visibility over the information
  • Providing data encryption and high access control where needed
  • Being able to set granular access permissions over functions and data
  • Allowing password protected sharing of web-links
  • Locking files when collaboratively editing

Powerful yet easy to use

Yes, Webforum is packed full of features that are needed to run the most complex of projects often in highly regulated industries. Yet, for the regular end-user performing specific functions within a project it is very easy to use and presented in a familiar format and intuitive design.

This is important given the demands from people to be able to have access to online tools to make their work more efficient. What is more the service can be tailored for individual roles so they only see the features they need for their function making life much more straightforward.

Most regular users require little or no specific training to use the system. You can be up and running in the planning of and working in a new project in minutes. As Webforum is an online service, the right is information available around the clock wherever you are. With Webforum you can work with e-readers and smart phones from all the major providers.

Flexible to the specific needs of your project

Webforum is a flexible system that can be tailored to your needs. Major projects involving many participants will require project and resource planning, document management, and decision support.

In smaller projects or team collaboration it may be sufficient to work with shared documents and tasks. Whatever type of project you are running, Webforum is suitable for you.

No project is too small or too large. When you or your organization has changing needs, these can be met seamlessly.

A Complete service for your projects

Webforum is a complete service for all types of projects and collaboration. You have everything related to your project in one place, namely Project and Resource planning, Information Management, Issue Management and Collaboration features.

There is no longer a need to run separate software to address these areas and try to coordinate them since Webforum supports all project phases from planning to implementation and ongoing monitoring.

Great value for money

With Webforum you get a lot of value for money. You can have as many projects as you want – in the same account. You pay for only what you need and your subscription includes hosting, back-up and technical support. We are continually working to improve the service and four times a year we update the service and these updates are provided for free.


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