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Webforum Collaborate started this year as a new annual convention where we spent a full day with our users. The purpose of the event is that we provide a forum to learn and be inspired by one another to generate new ideas within the areas of project and structured collaboration.

Webforum Collaborate 2016 - presentation to user group by Bo Tonnquist from Baseline ManagementThought-provoking presentations

To stimulate the thought process, we listened to insightful presentations with a focus on project work and the critical role it plays in today’s fast-moving society. Erik Sjöberg from Moment talked about how the project office should be viewed as an enabling department, while Bo Tonnquist from Baseline Management identified project management as a key competence for successful companies. Our own CEO, David Björk, shared experiences and challenges that may arise in the implementation of a project office of a larger organization. We also had many informative discussions between the presenters and users throughout the day.

Webforum Collaboration 2016 user benefit workshops

Workshops focusing on user benefits

With Webforum Collaborate we are looking to strengthen our customer relationships and capture innovative ideas and wish-lists on the future functionality of the tool. Split into focus groups we facilitated interesting discussions on how to best take advantage of the features of the Webforum tools. All the discussions helped us gain many valuable insights about how customer value can be further increased.

Webforum CEO David Björk addresses users in Webforum Collaborate 2016 workshop group

Looking forward to Webforum Collaborate 2017

We always enjoy exploring Webforum’s potential together with our end-users in an interactive environment and are very grateful for the input we received during this day. We are already looking forward to next year’s event and hope to see you there then!