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Managing issues and defects in fabrications or snag lists in finished buildings is a vital part of all phases in engineering and construction projects. Whether is it minor amendments to a design model or drawing that need alteration, defects found on a client inspection or general maintenance issues covered under a supplier warranty these all need addressing by the relevant responsible person or allocated resource.

  • How well are these issues managed in your projects and are they all visible in the same place for both the teams and management to work on?
  • Can subcontractors and inspectors from other companies also be involved in the workflow associated from initial identification through to resolution, for example?
  • What about time spent working on issues, can this be recorded and the responsible party then be billed easily for the work?
  • What about supporting information, can it be added on mobile devices and also original drawings and specifications referred to?

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What if there was a solution to address ALL of the above and more?

Comprehensive Issue management within a project planning and document management solution provides the features to streamline your handling of these defects.


Here is what you can expect from such a tool:

  • Using documents stored in a document archive, relevant ‘As Built’ or design models relating to the latest version of the asset at fault can be linked to the issue for easy reference for the engineer assigned.
  • Issues can be raised and assigned on a mobile device including pictures taken on your smartphone, raised by email with relevant attachments sent directly to the issue management system or on a PC in the office.
  • Resources can be allocated, they can record time against the issues and this can be reported and billing invoices created.
  • Users are invited by email to a secure workspace and can if required just be given access to the issues module and only those projects relevant to them.
  • Issues can be categorised by project managers and the in-built charting used to give management and stakeholders an insight into trends and which areas problems are occurring and how efficiently they are resolved.

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