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Resource planning is an essential aspect of project management.

No one has limitless resources, so making the most of what you’ve got, when you’ve got it, is key to success and keeping costs to a minimum.

Project management software can assist you with this, and give you the necessary clarity you need to make this task easier.

It enables you to plan the resources you need to carry out the activities within projects, and to see how resources are allocated to various projects to get the best utilisation.

A system like Webforum offers two kinds of resource overview – one shows resources per activity, and there is also a summary screen that shows for each resource all the various projects and activities to which they are allocated at any time.



As an example of how it works, you may not know when you plan a project who is going to perform a certain task, just the type of resource that is required.

In that case you can create a resource called ‘Quality Inspector’ and allocate, say, 100 hours of quality control for the project.

You can then search for resources belonging to different categories or roles, to see which employees are able to work in the role of quality reviewers, and who has time unassigned to them at that moment when you need to conduct a quality review.

The Webforum system also allows the creation of custom reports that show what resources are working on what via the integrated decision support/reporting tool.

It is cloud-based, available on any web-enabled device, so is there whenever or wherever you need it.

For more information on how we can help you with your resource planning, please contact us or visit our website.

Alternatively, read more in the case study about how Webforum helped ProHeat a fast-growing innovative Engineering company.

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ProHeat Systems Customer Case Study


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