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What is COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT)?
COMIT is a UK organisation with the objective of bringing together technology and Construction companies in order to bring some of the benefits from technology solutions to a wider audience within construction. COMIT holds 4 community days a year and an annual conference each autumn.

‘The COMIT Community days provide a relaxed forum for both learning from some of the many case study projects between members and also some key industry-wide initiatives such as BIM and Mobi-Cloud’, says Colin. ‘It is particularly encouraging to see the additional active participation of the Universities in the Community days and wider collaboration as they can often offer a new perspective to the future direction of Technology’, he continues. 

Webforum’s objectives in joining COMIT
Webforum (UK) joined COMIT to further develop the company’s presence in the UK and in particular to build on successful alliances within the Construction and Infrastructure sectors in Scandinavia. ‘In line with one of Webforum’s core aims to offer a complete solution to managing complex projects, participating in discussion and evaluating the challenges and opportunities within Mobile IT is very important’, says Colin.

‘Webforum’s core support of Information Management, collaboration and Project Planning are at the very heart of every project and will continue to remain so. What is changing, is the ability to capture and process information on assets, issues and changes in the schedule in real-time and out in the field. Cloud computing enables this and mobile devices will play a more important role in providing a source of or access to the data when it is needed’, he adds.

‘Webforum’s experience in being a leading solution and a solution of choice from some of the largest Construction and Infrastructure projects in Scandinavia is also something that should bring benefits to the UK market. Scandinavia has often been leading in initiates within Europe in fast internet access and more specifically in online collaboration including BIM (Building Information Modelling) and also Urban Planning’, states Colin.

Colin summarises: ‘In short we are looking forward to a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with COMIT and its members. This includes other Technology members as a number of these offer specific solutions to problems that are out there but also have a need to be integrated into the wider project context.’

Members attending a COMIT Community day

Members at a COMIT Community Day

COMIT gets involved in wider industry initiatives

Two initiates that COMIT is involved with are EnableMyTeam and Mobi-Cloud.

EnableMyTeam is a cloud based supplier intelligence & spend management platform with the capability to relate unstructured data (“Big Data”) using machine learning algorithms.

Mobi-Cloud is a multi-million EU funded project to develop a European Corporate Appstore and develop the technology to deliver cross-platform, context-aware, cloud-based mobile applications.

For more information about COMIT and their initiatives and Industry/Technology case studies visit the COMIT website. This also includes information about BIM within UK Construction and Infrastructure.

About Webforum Project
Webforum is a complete web-based service for all types of projects and collaboration. Webforum provides users with everything that supports a project available in one place: documents, files, project plans, discussions, timesheets, risks, reports etc. Webforum supports all project phases from planning to implementation and monitoring. For more information see www.webforum.com