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Effective document management is essential for all companies involved in and kind of design and build work. When running projects, you and your colleagues need instant access to the latest information, without the fear of duplication, or viewing out-dated documents.

Traditionally, however, when using PC-based software, this hasn’t always been easy.

For example, you may be struggling to control project documentation including versions, revisions and approvals.This in turn means that you can’t trust which version of a document is current, and if you don’t have tracking of approvals this can lead to compliance issues – disastrous in heavily regulated industries in which a lot of you are working.

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However, if you switch to using cloud-based project management software, frustrating scenarios such as these can be eliminated.

Available at any time, from any web-enabled device including tablets and smartphones, project management software from Webforum has a document archive with in-built version management and review/approval workflows.

This ensures that the latest information is available at your fingertips, but keeps an accurate history of previous versions, and details who approved what document, where and when.

You can also set permissions, so you have complete control over who updates and amends project paperwork.

This gives complete clarity for all your project documentation, whenever you need it, no matter where you are.

If you are thinking that good Information Management is only available to the largest companies and then only on a hosted internal system, then think again. Document management solutions in the cloud can give SMEs access to enterprise-class solutions.

For an example on improving the management of documents, read more in the case study about how Webforum helped ProHeat Systems a small but fast growing Engineering Design Company.

pdf icon Webforum Case Study – Enabling Focus on Innovation for ProHeat

About Webforum Project

Webforum is a complete web-based service for all types of projects and collaboration. The system provides users with everything that supports a project available in one place: documents, files, project plans, discussions, time sheets, risks, reports etc.

Webforum supports all project phases from planning to implementation and monitoring. For more information see our Website or Follow Webforum on LinkedIn